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14 to 17 November 2019

Myitkyina, Kachin State, Myanmar

ABOUT OUR partners

This November, in collaboration with the Kachin Ethnic Entrepreneurs Association, we present to you

TLR Myanmar - The Ethnic Entrepreneurs of Kachin



Business owners, investors, entrepreneurs, start-up founders, social entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be any of these


- To explore and promote sustainable business opportunities in Kachin

- To improve the business knowledge of local entrepreneurs

- To strengthen ties and promote collaborations among business owners across Myanmar through tailored networking events

- To nurture new business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in their endeavours

- To promote sustainable business practices and social entrepreneurship


A four day three night program consisting of business knowledge sharing sessions, cultural exchanges, business matching opportunities and fun local city tours. Accommodations will be provided for four nights - check in 14 November, check out 18 November.


Event will be held in conjunction with the KACHIN STATE BUSINESS FORUM with additional private events and investor networking sessions. 


14 to 17 November 2019


Accommodation: Palm Springs Resort

Conference Location: Kachin National Manau Park

What to expect

Country Side Getaways  |  Panel Discussions  |  Fireside Chats  |  Exclusive Networking

Cultural Exchanges  | Never Ending Food  |  And...FUN!


The official program will begin on Friday Morning, 15th November 2019. 

Set against the backdrop of lovely landscapes and the freshest morning breeze, participants will be able to break away from their concrete jungles to rest their minds and get re-inspired by nature.


Participants will be attending in the Kachin State Business Forum, with additional side programs.

After the event, participants will be hosted for a city tour and sight seeing to the outskirts of Kachin.

That's all Folks!

Secure your Tickets now and See you there!


details subject to change

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 2 pm      Registration / Check-In

 4 pm      Kachin State Cultural Museum (optional)

  6 pm     Opening Remarks

  7 pm     Networking Dinner, hosted by Chairman of Kachin Ethnic Entrepreneurs Association

  8 pm     Presentations : An Overview of ASEAN - Culture, Heritage, Mindsets

  9 pm     End of Day

PRE EVENT /  Thursday, 14 November 2019
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  8 am     Breakfast

  9 am     Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

10 am     Key Note Speech by HE Vice President Henry Van Thio

 11am     Panel Session: Growth Path Forward for Kachin

12 pm     Lunch

  2 pm     Panel Session: Agriculture - Opportunities & Threats

  3 pm     Panel Session: Promoting Local Tourism to Kachin

  5 pm     Rest & Recreation

  7 pm     Dinner &  Business "Speed Dating"

OFFICIAL PROGRAM, Day 1 /  Friday, 15 November 2019
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  8 am     Breakfast

  9 am     Key Note Speech by HE Chief Minister Hkyet Awng

 10am     Panel Session: Sustainable Mining

 10am     Panel Session: Impact of The Belt & Road Initiative

12 pm     Lunch

  1 pm     Panel Session: Creating a Brand for Kachin Textiles

  3 pm     Closing Session: A Heart to Heart with our Patron

  5 pm     Rest & Recreation

  7 pm     Traditional Bonfire Dinner

OFFICIAL PROGRAM, Day 2 /  Saturday, 16 November 2019

  8 am     Breakfast

  9 am     Breakout Session : Ideation & Collaborations

 11am     Visit to Downtown & Lunch

  3 pm     Sight seeing / Mountain Trekking / White Water Rafting

  5 pm     A Festive BBQ at a Country Side Villa

  3 pm     Closing Session / Reflections

INFORMAL PROGRAM, Day 3 /  Sunday, 17 November 2019



Inclusive of Food, 2-Day Event Pass, Airport Transfers from Myitkyina Airport
4 Nights of Accommodations at , 14 -18 Nov, (shared rooms, 2 pax, twin beds)*

Accomodation at :  PALM SPRING RESORT -  Myitkyina

Inclusive of NON-REFUNDABLE ADMIN FEE of USD 50.00/pax


Inclusive of Food, 2-Day Event Pass, Airport Transfers from Myitkyina Airport
4 Nights of Accommodations at , 14 -18 Nov, (shared rooms, 2 pax, twin beds)*

Accomodation at :  Amber Hotel Resort -  Myitkyina

Inclusive of NON-REFUNDABLE ADMIN FEE of USD 50.00/pax

* You may indicate rooming preferences in registration form

* For assistance with flight bookings we will connect you with our official Travel Agency