In Asia, the anchor of families is The Living Room.


Where we gather, where we eat, where we host, where we gossip, and where we all binge-watch TV. The Living Room (TLR) is where we do life together as a Family. Where shoes are left at the door, and we step into a world that is Authentic, Safe, Unfiltered.


TLR was birthed from our desire to create real conversations that would start with listening before prescribing. We wanted to create lasting impact by curating communities and pooling experiences and resources to help build and sustain the ASEAN social impact community.


At the end of the day, when we walk away with just a few more friends, we can collaborate to build a bigger and better ASEAN community.


1st Mover


The ASEAN Living Room (TLR).


A platform where we aim to bring together Social Activators from around the region to participate in dialogues to promote knowledge exchange and to curate ideas for cross border collaborations. The intention is to have every ASEAN member state represented.


Our exclusive retreat programs are organised Biannually in partnership with local organisations.


The first run will capture a broad overview of ASEAN - usually organised in April or May, will be  at our flagship base of operations (Lifesprings Community Center, Iloilo, Philippines).


The second run will be a year-end roving program, country and region-centric. For example, this December, we will be focusing on Myanmar and the Ethnic groups of Kachin.

Participation is capped at 30 to 40 pax to ensure a size comfortable enough for networking and cozy enough for in-depth discussion and socials.